Abbotsford Students of the Month

Rural Schools in Marathon County See Expansion in Cultural Diversity

The heritage of families in rural communities in Marathon County has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. One example of this can be seen in Abbotsford. Today, Hispanic students in Abbotsford represent 51% of the total student body. Marathon County Special Education has been working closely with the Abbotsford School District to ensure that students who need specially designed instruction are receiving appropriate services. 

Read on to learn more about Abbotsford’s transformational story. (Click the title for details…)


Improving Rural Transitions from Special Education to Life After High School in Marathon County

Marathon County Special Education professionals are working hard to ensure that over 400 local students who are differently abled are prepared with employability, community living, and self-advocacy skills to succeed in life after high school. Hosting a Rural Community Conversation event, attending a Transition Improvement Planning Fair, and securing a Transition Readiness Grant are but a few of the ways MCSE is helping students build bridges to employment and post-secondary options so they may reach their fullest potential. (Click the title for details…)


“I’m Glad You Asked . . .” The Top-5 Questions People Ask the Marathon County CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES EDUCATION BOARD

Dr. Kelly Kapitz, Director of Special Education, provides insights into the top-5 questions people ask the Marathon County Children with Disabilities Education Board, which employs over 100 staff members who provide education and support to over 450 students in 6 rural schools: Abbotsford, Athens, Edgar, Marathon, Rosholt, and Spencer. (Click the title for details…)