Celebrating Music Therapy Month at North Central Health Care

Written by Jessica Meadows

Music Therapy is an established healthcare profession that assists individuals of all ages in reaching their goals and improving their quality of life. North Central Health Care (NCHC) offers music therapy as part of the Life Enrichment program at Mount View Care Center.

Music therapy is much more than just listening to music. Music Therapy is used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals. Music Therapy has been used in the nursing home, behavioral and mental health settings at NCHC and is enjoyed by everyone who participates.

Residents at Mount View Care Center enjoy a fun session of music therapy with Life Enrichment staff. (Photo courtesy of NCHC).

Music Therapists do require a higher degree of training. Music Therapists:

  • Require bachelor’s degree or higher in music therapy from one of 72 approved colleges and universities, including 1,200 hours of clinical training.
  • Require coursework in psychology, medicine, and music.
  • Must hold the MT-BC credential, issued through the Certification Board for Music Therapists
  • Use evidence-based interventions with a strong research foundation.
  • Are registered in Wisconsin through the Department of Safety and Professional Services Wisconsin State Statutes SPS 142.01.
Melissa Stockwell, Board-Certified Music Therapist at NCHC. (Photo courtesy of NCHC).

At North Central Health Care, Melissa Stockwell, Life Enrichment Supervisor is a Board-Certified Music Therapist at Mount View Care Center in Wausau. Melissa’s calm and caring demeanor coupled with her vocal and instrumental talent, engage and involve each person as part of the musical experience. We are so appreciative of Stockwell’s talent and her dedication to providing Music Therapy to those we serve at NCHC.

Governor Tony Evers has officially declared the month of March as Music Therapy Month. We thank all those who provide this valuable form of therapy in our communities and to those we serve at North Central Health Care. You are making a difference in a unique and positive way.

Proclamation made by State of Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers that proclaims March as Music Therapy Month.

Jessica_MeadowsJessica Meadows

Communication & Marketing Director  |  North Central Health Care

As the Communications and Marketing Director at North Central Health Care (NCHC), Jessica Meadows is passionate about being able to use her creative talents to connect people to healthcare, resources, and networking that will impact their life in a positive way. Prior to joining NCHC, she was a Creative Director and leader at a marketing agency in the Stevens Point area. With almost 20 years’ experience in print, web, social media, video, radio, and public relations, it was important for her to connect back to her roots here in the Wausau area, where she and her husband raise their two young children. When she’s not busy at an event or volunteering, she enjoys playing sports, coaching, biking, traveling, and exploring the outdoors.  Email Jessica Meadows.

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