What’s Your Internet Speed? :: Marathon County Broadband Task Force Partners on Speed Testing Initiative to Help Illustrate Need for Broadband Expansion

The Marathon County Broadband Task Force is partnering with the North Central Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission to conduct a regional internet speed testing initiative. The goal of this project is to create an accurate regional map of where internet service is and is not available in Central Wisconsin, and what speeds people are currently receiving.

Many communities that need broadband funding may miss out because the data showing the need isn’t available. The data collected will help inform the efforts of the Marathon County Broadband Task Force in targeting resources to expand broadband service for those who are unserved or underserved in Marathon County.

All residents and businesses are encouraged to participate by taking the free test. To complete the test, participants can visit www.ncwrpc.org/ncwrpc2021/broadband-speed-test/ from an internet-connected device. The test should be completed in the location they wish to report speed data for.

Those wishing to participate in the survey that do not have internet access for any reason can call 715-261-1404 to report their location.

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