Recently Re-opened Public Library in Wausau Has a New Look!

Written by Chad Dally


The Wausau Headquarters of the Marathon County Public Library was (mostly) closed to the public from March 2020 until June 1, 2021. What were we doing all that time behind the scenes?

Giving the place a new look!

Thanks to a generous donation from the Marathon County Public Library Foundation, we’ve replaced furniture and some of the carpet, and crews are working to replace the library’s roof. We’ve also shuffled around some of our computers and book shelves — all with the hope of making the library an even more welcoming and useful environment for YOU.

If you haven’t been back to MCPL Wausau since our June re-opening, what are you waiting for? Come and check it out!

Here’s a visual preview to help you find what you’re after on your next visit here…


Perhaps the biggest noticeable difference at the renovated MCPL Wausau location is patrons will now find all our fiction books on the second floor, together with all our non-fiction titles. We’ve also added a couple of S-shaped study carrels (the green piece of furniture seen here) that include chairs, desks, and outlets to plug in devices.


Much of the furniture at MCPL Wausau was bought at least 10 years ago, so we purchased new tables and chairs, like the ones seen here on the 2nd floor, as well as a couple of S-shaped study carrels (the green pieces of furniture seen in the background.)


The 2nd-floor computer lab now has computer stations (with new tables and chairs) that are spaced farther apart. We’ve also moved some of our computers to the 1st floor so that patrons don’t have to head upstairs for a quick email check or to print documents.


Patrons will notice a few changes right away when they enter MCPL Wausau: We’ve added more space around the main desk, moved our self-checkout stations over a bit, and added some tables and computers near the main desk for patrons who prefer to stay on the 1st floor for the sake of time or convenience.


The 1st-floor rotunda area at MCPL Wausau used to be the spot for all our fiction titles. We moved the fiction shelves to the 2nd floor to open up space where patrons will now find audiobooks and DVDs, and tables and chairs (including the nice booths seen here).


With all the new available space in the 1st-floor rotunda, we opted to relocate all of our newspaper and magazines to that spot. Grab a seat next to the window, and kick back to catch up on news or browse through any of our dozens of magazines!


We’ve also filled some of our 1st-floor space with our Teen Zone, partly because we felt it makes sense to have our teen area closer to the children’s and tween area of the library. We also added a few new chairs and tables for teens to plug in and use their laptops or other devices.

*  *  *

We know it’s quite a bit of change, so if you’re looking for something that’s in a different spot than a year ago, we’ll be happy to show you around.

Come on back to our re-opened MCPL – Wausau Headquarters…

We think you’ll love our newly renovated space!

Chad Dally - MCPL - Library SpecialistChad Dally
Library Specialist  |  Marathon County Public Library

Chad Dally is a library specialist with the Marathon County Public Library, where he’s worked since 2012. He splits his time at the library between reference and programming, and generally prefers to read nonfiction over fiction.  Email Chad Dally

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