Community Corner Clubhouse — Celebrating 25 Years!

Written by Jessica Meadows

Happy 25th Anniversary, Community Corner Clubhouse!

This year, Community Corner Clubhouse celebrates their milestone anniversary with an announcement from Wausau Mayor Katie Rosenburg officially declaring April 1 as “Clubhouse Day.”

With a focus on helping adults with persistent mental illness and alcohol and other drug abuse (AODA) challenges, Community Corner Clubhouse aims to provide a space where genuine support and connection are coupled with access to resources and education to help members realize and access their full potential. Located at 811 North 3rd Avenue in Wausau, Clubhouse functions not only as a resource hub, but also as a place for members to meet socially. Clubhouse serves as a space to meet friends, deepen connection, build self-confidence, learn valuable life skills, and discover untapped talents.

Not every community has services like this available…

Marathon County is fortunate to have a long-standing relationship with Clubhouse, dating back 25 years.

Since its beginnings in 1996, the facility has expanded to 7,000 square feet and has helped over 1,000 community members with mental illness and AODA challenges stabilize and live fulfilling lives.

Clubhouse has opened the door for people with mental illness and has provided sustained recovery, opportunity, and hope to those who need it most.

Community Corner Clubhouse is located at 811 North 3rd Avenue in Wausau. (Photo courtesy of North Central Health Care.)

When talking with Clubhouse staff, it’s obvious they are truly passionate about the work they do. Clubhouse staff meet each member where they are at in their journey, see their full potential, and whole-heartedly believe, support, and encourage members to become the best versions of themselves. It’s that kind of dedication, commitment, and loyalty that provides the solid foundation needed for members to develop job, life, and personal skills to ensure a healthy quality of life that is sustainable.


Clubhouse members and staff in the Employment Center at Clubhouse. (Photo courtesy of North Central Health Care.)

There’s definitely no shortage of inspiring stories of members blooming over the past 25 years. Stories of fostered friendships, reconnected families, newfound passions, rewarding jobs… the list goes on. Whether it’s mentoring members who come Clubhouse daily or calling to connect with members who they have not heard from in a while to remind them how important they are, Clubhouse staff and members make an investment in one another and put a huge effort into connecting as often as possible.

Current active membership at Clubhouse rests just above 100 members and comes by means of a referral from a physician, counselor, community partner, or self-referral. Members must have a primary mental health diagnosis from a physician. Referral forms are found online. Once eligibility is determined, interested members can take a tour of the facility and are welcomed with an orientation process.

If membership is granted, individuals have access to Clubhouse and its services for life,
without any future need for referral.

Clubhouse membership is voluntary and without time limits — offering members to choose the services they need when they need them.

There are no contracts for services either, a unique benefit in mental health programing, which provides members a wealth of assistance and opportunity at a level of accessibility that is unmatched and easy to utilize.


Paia Yang, Clubhouse employee works with members on career development and employment. (Photo courtesy of North Central Health Care.)

Members at Clubhouse are able to come and go as they please anytime between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily.

Clubhouse offers a variety of services to help those managing mental illness or recovery. Members have access to mental health services, case management, and benefit counseling, as well as peer support, coaching, educational sessions, and social activities.

Community Corner Clubhouse Employment Center.jpg
Community Corner Clubhouse Employment Center walls are adorned with photos of members who are employed because of the skills they developed as a member of Clubhouse. (Photo courtesy of North Central Health Care.)

Additionally, members have guided access to community resources to aid in finding rewarding job placements, education, or basic needs.

According to Patrick Backer, Clubhouse Generalist:

“One of the greatest services we can provide our members is to connect them with resources out in the community. We help members find affordable housing, access food pantries, find clothes for an interview, or move into their new apartment.”

You can find Clubhouse members and staff working together to cook group meals, cleaning, greeting guests, and handling clerical work. An organization like this is truly an effort of teamwork by both its members and the community.

Forming relationships with community partners has played an integral role in Clubhouse success throughout the years. Some of these partnerships are skills based and may come in the form of services or education to members, some are in the form of job opportunities, and some are donation or monetary-based, providing food or personal hygiene items to Clubhouse members.

A Clubhouse Open House event in May 2016. (Photo courtesy of North Central Health Care.)

Whether it’s partnering with individuals to lead a reiki class, hiring a Clubhouse member, or organizing food drives to provide Clubhouse with dinner supplies, supporting Clubhouse has truly been a community effort.

Clubhouse does not mark celebrate this 25th anniversary alone…

Over the years, Clubhouse has received generous support and contributions from a variety of families, donors, supporters, businesses, and community partners. We are forever grateful for your generosity and kindness and would not be here today without your unwavering passion and support.

Clubhouse Evening of Jazz (October 2017) was held annually to thank donors and supporters and to raise funds for Clubhouse operations. (Photo courtesy of North Central Health Care.)

If you are interested in donating time, talent, or resources to Clubhouse, contact Clubhouse at 715.843.1926. You can also donate online at

With such a rich pool of resources, a team of passionate staff, and an extraordinary group of amazing members, Clubhouse is truly a gift to our community.

Thank you to all our members, staff, community partners, and volunteers who have helped open the door to hope, recovery, and opportunity for people with mental illness. We are Clubhouse.

Happy 25th Anniversary, Clubhouse!

Jessica_MeadowsJessica Meadows

Communications & Marketing Director  |  North Central Health Care

As the Communications and Marketing Coordinator at North Central Health Care (NCHC), Jessica Meadows is passionate about being able to use her creative talents to connect people to healthcare, resources, and networking that will impact their life in a positive way. Prior to joining NCHC, she was a Creative Director and leader at a marketing agency in the Stevens Point area. With almost 20 years’ experience in print, web, social media, video, radio, and public relations, it was important for her to connect back to her roots here in the Wausau area, where she and her husband raise their two young children. When she’s not busy at an event or volunteering, she enjoys playing sports, coaching, biking, traveling, and exploring the outdoors.  Email Jessica Meadows.

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