Getting to Know Connie Beyersdorff :: Our Newest Marathon County Treasurer

Written by Lance Leonhard

Each day, over 700 Marathon County Government employees from over 20 departments work together to deliver services to county residents and guests and pursue our goal of being the healthiest, safest, and most prosperous county in the State of Wisconsin.

You might be surprised to learn that our County Government departments and related agencies are overseen in a couple of different ways…

Below, you’ll get to know our newest Department Head, County Treasurer Connie Beyersdorff, as I asked her a few questions about her first days on the job.

Connie Beyersdorff
Marathon County Treasurer Connie Beyersdorff. (Photo courtesy of Marathon County Government website.)

Q. What interested you about becoming the Marathon County Treasurer?

“As Treasurer I am going to have the opportunity to use all of my professional skills while also truly helping the people in Marathon County. I have a degree in Accounting and am completing a degree in Human Resources Management. I have over 18 years of experience working in positions of business administration, accounting, HR and purchasing, and 7 years of experience with local government, serving as a Clerk and Clerk/Treasurer. Throughout my career, I have built lasting relationships and have demonstrated a commitment to teamwork and effective financial management. As Marathon County Treasurer, I’ll now get the opportunity to do even more to serve my community.”

Q. So, how’s the job thus far?

“It’s been great!

I started on November 2, 2020, which fell during the busiest time of year in the Treasurer’s Office, as we are completing tax calculations and assisting local municipal Clerks and Treasurers. The process certainly has been challenging, but it’s really been excellent because it has given me the opportunity to work with each and every local municipal clerk and treasurer. We had great conversations, and I enjoyed working collaboratively with them to work through issues and problem-solve.

I also truly appreciate the energy and support of my staff. We are already a strong team, and I know we will get even stronger as we work more together.”

Q. What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned since taking the position?

“The most surprising thing is the complexity of accessing the Federal Government’s grant systems. That has been a challenging endeavor, to say the least.”

Q. While you’re clearly busy at work, what do you like to do in your spare time?

“In my spare time, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my family. Whether it’s 4-wheeling, snowmobiling, hunting, fishing, camping, or spending long weekends at our cabin in Michigan, spending time outdoors together is important. I am an active member of the Wisconsin Valley Sno-Jets snowmobile club, so right now, I am hoping for more snow!”

Beyersdorff family snowmobiling
Beyersdorff behind the camera taking a photo of her family snowmobiling in Lake of Clouds, MI (left to right): Loren (husband), Cody (son), and Tyler (son). (Photo courtesy of Connie Beyersdorff.)
Connie and Loren Beyersdorff
Beyersdorff with her husband, Loren. (Photo courtesy of Connie Beyersdorff.)
Loren and Connie Beyersdorff
Beyersdorff with her husband, Loren, in Door County, WI. (Photo courtesy of Connie Beyersdorff.)

We’re happy to have Connie join our Marathon County team.

If you have any questions about the work of the Marathon County Treasurer’s Office, visit our website. There, you can:

Lance Leonard - Marathon County Deputy Administrator

Lance Leonhard

Marathon County Administrator

Lance Leonhard began his career in Marathon County Government in the Office of Corporation Counsel. He then served as Deputy Administrator and currently serves as the Marathon County Administrator. Lance’s career in public service has spanned more than a decade, having worked for the federal government as a law clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and for the state of Wisconsin as an Assistant District Attorney. Outside of work, you’re likely to find Lance spending time with his family, traveling, teeing off on a local golf course, or sitting around a campfire with friends.  Email Lance Leonhard

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