Library 3rd Floor Targeted to Meet Senior Activity Needs

Written by Katie Rosenberg

Important change is coming to North Central Health Care (NCHC)… And that means change is also coming to the senior citizens who have used the Lake View Building on the NCHC campus.

Until last year, the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) of Central Wisconsin rented the space from NCHC — a natural gathering place for seniors to play bridge, and even dance.


However, after the ADRC moved out, NCHC leaders began planning for the future…

According to NCHC Interim CEO Michael Loy:

“As the needs of our communities change and become more complex, we must be dedicated to the change and growth necessary to meet those needs. Looking ahead to 2018, the space formerly occupied by the ADRC will be used to meet some of the increased needs of our community.”


Loy says that with the additional space, NCHC will be able to double the current inpatient drug treatment programming. Additionally, they’ll be able to expand the step-down community-based rehabilitation and double programming in NCHC’s Developmental Disabilities Services. Loy also noted:

“Over the next year, there will be a comprehensive integration of our Developmental Disability Services into this location to create a more comprehensive and responsive continuum of care in addition to the growth of the other two programs. This is an opportunity to care for more individuals in our community. We look forward for the opportunity to care for more people and make a difference in more people’s lives.”

Even though they will have to leave their current space, there is some good news for the seniors and the whole community. Enter the collaborative mastermind of Marathon County: Library Director Ralph Illick

Marathon County Public LibraryA few weeks ago, I toured the Marathon County Public Library downtown Wausau headquarters’ third floor with Illick and County Administrator Brad Karger. As we checked out the substantial — but underused — top floor, we all saw the potential for a new community-activity space. Illick noted:

 We have a premier space in downtown Wausau that is ready to be used by an appropriate community partner. I see the third-floor space as an ideal location to develop a versatile space that can be used by all members of the community for activities and programs.”

At left (through the doorway) is space on MCPL Wausau’s third floor used for quarterly book sales. With the library’s Friends group moving into a different space, the third floor will be empty and has the potential to be a great space for the right community use.

We brought the idea back to the Marathon County Health and Human Services Committee, and committee members were excited to see how the county can turn two challenging situations into a solution that benefits the whole community.

 “The library’s board is very interested in learning about any opportunity to put this wonderful space to good use,” Illick added.

There is still a lot creativity and planning that will need to go into making this idea a reality.

Next, we’ll talk to the MCPL Board of Trustees about the concept.

Stay tuned for details…

Katie Rosenberg - County Board Supervisor District No. 1Katie Rosenberg

Marathon County Board Supervisor |  District 1

Katie Rosenberg is a Marathon County Board Supervisor representing District 1. She is passionate about engaging the community and is active on social media and in organizing neighborhood constituent meetings with her Wausau City Council counterpart, Alderman Pat Peckham. In her free time, you can find Katie enjoying the outdoors with her husband on bike, on roller skates, and in trail shoes. She also enjoys attending all manner of political events, traveling the world, and cooking up a mean vegetarian soup.  Email Katie Rosenberg  

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