Going Above & Beyond :: Troy Torgerson Saves a Man Unable to Breathe

Written by Lance Leonhard

Each quarter, Marathon County department heads select an employee as the Person of the Quarter who demonstrated a Core Value behavior that went beyond his or her regular job duties. The county’s Core Values include:

  • Service
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Diversity
  • Shared Purpose
  • Stewardship of Our Resources

These core values provide staff direction on how to conduct themselves as representatives of Marathon County.

Each of the nominees for the second quarter Core Value Award of 2017 was inspiring and highlighted some of the amazing work that county employees do every day —

  • Tackling daunting tasks
  • Demonstrating ingenuity when faced with unforeseen obstacles
  • Exemplifying what it means to embrace “shared purpose” by assisting other departments in any way possible

Troy_TorgersonThe 2017 second quarter’s award winner is Troy Torgerson — a Facility Planner with Facilities & Capital Management.

Troy was selected for demonstrating commitment to Service and Integrity by going above and beyond, recognizing an emergency situation, and acting quickly, which ultimately saved the life of a resident at the Mount View Care Center at North Central Health Care.

Here’s what happened…

Thursday, May 11, began like many other days, with Troy arriving early at one of Marathon County’s facility sites to ensure that ongoing projects were proceeding as planned. While walking down the hall, Troy heard a “beeping” noise emanating from a man’s wheelchair…

Sensing something wasn’t right, Troy walked over to the man and noticed as he neared him that he was slumped over, had begun to turn blue, and was unconscious. Troy immediately summoned help from medical staff and assisted as able. Ultimately, medical professionals were able to revive the man and fix the issue with his ventilator that had left him unable to breathe.

Troy’s initiative in investigating the situation to determine if the man needed help, along with his quick thinking, saved this man’s life and illustrates Troy’s dedication to serving and helping the people of Marathon County.

It’s truly an honor to work in an organization with such dedicated, passionate, and highly skilled people.

Thank you to Troy — and to each of the other Quarterly Core Value Award nominees listed below — for making Marathon County such an amazing place to work!


  • Aiden Laurynz — Social Services
  • Amanda Ostrowski — Health Department
  • Cliff Henke — Facilities & Capital Management
  • K9 Officer Teams — Sheriff’s Department
  • WINNERS: Sharon Hernandez & Kristen Spiegel-Berg — Employee Resources & District Attorney


  • Shannon Stadey — Social Services
  • The Team at Marathon County Solid Waste
  • Michelle McCarthy — Parks, Recreation, & Forestry
  • Ralph Illick & Dale Wisnewski — Library & Sheriff’s Department
  • Priority-Based Budgeting Peer Review Team Leaders
  • Scott Corbett — Corporation Counsel
  • WINNER: Troy Torgerson — Facilities & Capital Management

Troy Torgerson, along with our 1st Quarter Core Value winners — Sharon Hernandez and Kristen Spiegel-Berg — were recognized at the July 18, 2017, meeting of the Marathon County Board of Supervisors.

Learn more about Marathon County’s Core Values here or read about the Marathon County Core Value Recognition Program here.

Lance Leonard - Marathon County Deputy AdministratorLance Leonhard

Marathon County Deputy Administrator 

Lance Leonhard began his career in Marathon County government in the Office of Corporation Counsel and currently serves as the Marathon County Deputy Administrator. Lance’s career in public service has spanned more than a decade, having worked for the federal government as a law clerk on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and for the state of Wisconsin as an Assistant District Attorney. Outside of work, you’re likely to find Lance spending time with his family, traveling, teeing off on a local golf course, or sitting around a campfire with friends.  Email Lance Leonhard

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